Our People

ISBS flaunts a versatile collection of experienced and qualified management, lecturers and support staff that with their tireless efforts and dedication has grown the institute to what it is today. They skillfully blend the practical experience with theoretical knowledge, to bring out best results in students across all faculties.

All ISBS lecturers are BQA accredited, with staff qualifications evaluated by BQA. ISBS is committed to use the assessors and moderators registered and accredited by BQA to comply with the new regulations. All senior lecturers have experience of assessing, moderation and verification as well as are approved assessors and moderators by certain awarding bodies. ISBS is committed to hire and retain lecturers with Masters Qualifications.

Due to numerous qualifications offered at ISBS, ISBS has highly qualified, experienced and diverse staff members who are experts of their industries. ISBS gives preference to Citizens of Botswana when employing new staff members however, when certain skills are not found, ISBS also gives the opportunity to expatriates as long as they have the correct qualifications that are needed by the Institute and the industry. This too has resulted in staff diversity at ISBS, which also allows staff members to interact and understand multiple cultures. Such diversity allows ISBS to retain staff members as well as creates a very professional and unique culture and working environment.